The Sabine Neches Navigation District works to responsibly manage, advocate and improve the ship channel and navigable waters of Jefferson County to enhance the economy, environment and quality of life in Southeast Texas.

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EXCLUSIVE: Sabine-Neches deepening project promises 78,000 permanent local jobs

Some call the Sabine-Neches Waterway the lifeline of the Southeast Texas economy. It is the 4th largest waterway in the United States, seeing 71,000 vessel transits a year. About 100 million tons of cargo traverse the channel annually, mostly crude oil.

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Posted 07/16/14

Paitl: local ports among busiest and riskiest in nation

Port Arthur News - In the coming years, Paitl said he anticipates Southeast Texas ports would see unprecedented growth from the $1.2 billion project to deepen the Sabine-Neches Waterway from 40 feet to 48 feet.

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Posted 06/12/14

Obama Signs $12.3 Billion Water Projects Bill

The Associated Press - President Barack Obama has signed a $12.3 billion water projects bill that finances improvements ranging from a harbor expansion in Boston to flood control in Iowa and North Dakota. The legislation was the result of a rare instance of bipartisan work in the divided Congress.

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Posted 06/10/14

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