Hazard Mitigation Plan

SNND Hazard Mitigation Plan 

Sabine Neches Navigation District (SNND) development of a Hazard Mitigation Plan is a direct result of an increasing awareness that many natural disasters, especially flood hazards, have affected and will continue to affect many of the people and properties within the jurisdictional area. SNND worked with key stakeholders, including the general public, to assess hazards and provide a plan to potentially mitigate against future hazards. The plan includes all hazards for which SNND has authority and will be developed in accordance with current FEMA and State planning requirements. Hazard mitigation is often defined as actions taken to reduce the effects of natural hazards on a place and its population. Such hazards include a range of naturally-occurring events such as floods, earthquakes, and droughts as examples. SNND profiled eleven hazards that impact Jefferson County and then further analyzed the risks associated with the hazards the jurisdiction has authority to mitigate or that impacts its facilities. The Plan was prepared by a Mitigation Planning Committee (MPC) composed of staff representatives from SNND and a mitigation consultant. The MPC followed a process outlined in a FEMA guidance document titled Local Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance (July 1, 2008) to collect, analyze, prioritize and prepare data and information necessary for incorporation into the Plan. Detailed discussion of the process can be found in Section 2 of this document. In addition to the MPC, a larger stakeholder group that includes staff representatives from the Jefferson County, incorporated Cities, local adjacent drainage districts, business organizations and academia, and the general public were asked to review and provide their expertise to the drafting of the Plan. The Hazard Mitigation Plan, which was completed in 2012, sets the stage for long-term disaster resistance through identification of actions that will, over time, reduce the exposure of people and property to all natural hazards. Sections of the Plan include:

  • Provide an overview of each of the hazards that threaten Sabine Neches Navigation District jurisdiction,
  • Characterize the people and property that are exposed to some risk due to those hazards,
  • Outline the planning process,
  • Describe how the hazards are recognized in SNND’s normal processes and functions, and
  • Identify the status of and prioritize each mitigation action item.