Ongoing Projects

The Sabine-Neches Navigation District funds and operates various local projects in order to manage, advocate for and sustain the navigable waters of Jefferson County.


Saltwater Barrier/Floodgate Operations

SNND operates saltwater barriers to control saltwater intrusion in the Taylor’s and Hildebrandt Bayous. If unchecked, saltwater traveling up these streams would flood rice crops in western Jefferson County and negatively impact agriculture crops for the U.S. These barriers maintain the proper mix of saltwater and freshwater for the bayous.

In cooperation with Drainage District #6, SNND also uses these barriers as flood control gates for Jefferson County.

SNND recently completed a new Control Building with a modern control system to operate the floodgates and navigational locks. The building is engineered and designed for durability during extreme environmental conditions, and will be able to remotely operate the floodgates during an evacuation or storm event.


Placement Area Levee Construction Rehab Project

SNND is responsible for providing dredge material maintenance areas for the Corps of Engineers. SNND locates and acquires the property, often in the name of the U.S. Government, and maintains the areas for the Corps of Engineers.