Sabine-Neches Navigation District Legislation Clears Senate

From the office of State Senator Brandon Creighton, District 4
Contact: Eliza Vielma

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AUSTIN — Today, Senator Brandon Creighton’s Sabine-Neches Navigation District legislation passed to engrossment in the Senate. Filed as Senate Bill 1137, this bill clarifies existing state statutes and authorizes the District to enter into contracts and agreements necessary to deepen the Sabine-Neches Waterway.

“The Sabine-Neches Navigation District is the third largest waterway in the United States and the nation’s largest commercial military out-port,” said Senator Creighton. “It is a lifeline of the Texas economy and this expansion will affect the entire nation’s economic outlook.”

“Over 100 million tons of cargo are carried on the Sabine-Neches Waterway each year,” continued Senator Creighton. “Deepening the waterway from 40 to 48 feet will help us meet our growing transportation needs and continue to attract new economic development for the country. It is vital that we move forward with this expansion. This legislation provides the clarity needed to ensure the waterway continues to be an economic driver for our county, state, and nation.”

Currently, industry related sectors supported by the Sabine-Neches Waterway generate over $32 billion in gross product, $18 billion in personal income, $3.4 billion in federal taxes, and more than 288,000 permanent jobs annually.

Senate Bill 1137 does not authorize any new taxing authority.